Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A curious picture of Anahawan Central School

Here is a picture labeled "Grabe V-B 1946-47 Anahawan Central School". If proven authentic, this would probably be the oldest picture taken of Anahawan Central School. I got this picture in 2007 when I was searching for the presence of Anahawnons on the web. I checked the source site but it is no longer active: (http://jobarclix.blog-city.com/surigao_rose.htm).

The only clue I had was that the photographer came from somewhere in Surigao. The uploader, probably the photographer's grandson/daughter, said in the source website that the teacher/s and pupils in this picture probably had no information that this picture existed: 

You may find some of your ancestors in this picture during their childhood days.

By the way, I had shared this picture in our Anahawnons yahoogroup in 2007. I decided to share it again on this blog this time. If you have similar old pictures which you think could have significant value to our fellow Anahawnons, kindly share it on our facebook page wall, or kindly share the link if you already had it somewhere else.

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